Muscoda Prairie

The Muscoda Prairie was established in 1990 by the Muscoda Garden Club wanting to enhance the Muscoda campground east of the primitive tent area. The ground was prepared and seeded with native grasses and wildflowers establishing the native plant prairie we enjoy today.

Located on the east end of the Victora Riverside Park reaching to the DNR wildlife area and bordered by a walking path, the beautiful native plants offer four seasons of interest. Whether you spend some time enjoying lupines in the spring, or in summer the false indigo, spiderwort, prairie smoke, birds foot violet, pale purple cone flowers, late summer black-eyed susans, yellow cone flowers, stiff goldenrod, butterfly weed, or the gold and crimsons in the fall on the little and big blue stem grasses, there is something for all seasons. In fall and winter these plants host insects and butterfly pupa and provide food for birds and wildlife as well as show off their winter interest with a heavy frost or snowfall.

The deep prairie roots, up to fifteen feet deep, reduce run off and flooding while holding in rainwater to recharge and filter ground water before returning to the river. All this with out watering manually, fertilizing, or expending energy mowing-just providing lasting beauty!

The Prairie is burned every other year in the early spring to create a balance of native grasses and flowers. Bat and Martin houses have been added to control mosquitoes and other pesky insects. A split rail fence was built bordering the picnic gazebo, water fountain, and flower bed. There is an enclosed sign nearby with prairie identification and other community and nature information.

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