View of Historical MuscodaIncorporated as a community in 1894, the community once known as ‘English Prairie’ is a tale of two communities changed by the times.

Once thought to be a major port on the Wisconsin River for the lead mining industry in the hills south of the community, Muscoda changed its focus.

With the introduction of the railroad the community slowly moved.  The main street that once ran parallel to the banks of the river turned to its present north/south orientation.

View of Muscoda - CurrentMuscoda remains a strong farming and industrial community to this day with a large industrial base envied by many other communities of the same size and why not?  With the back drop of majestic rolling hills and the hardest working river in America.

Muscoda is also widely recognized as being the home of reknowned metal sculptor Ellis Nelson, whose works produced at his shop in Muscoda have garnered worldwide recognition and publicity.

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